New Beginnings

This blog became private in autumn 2014 as I struggled with the OCA Painting 1 course. Eventually in September 2015, I decided to give up the OCA course. Behind this decision was the sense that there were already too many deadlines at work and, not living in Britain, I felt very disconnected with the OCA community. I also found it difficult to acquire practical skills without some direct tuition and felt the need to be a part of a “real” artistic community, with whom I could communicate regularly face-to-face to exchange ideas and for mutual support.  There was an insistent feeling that all of the fun and spontaneity that I had initially experienced through drawing, and which had led to my interest in the OCA course, had disappeared and I wanted to recover it through drawing, printing, painting… without an assignment at the end!

Now I have begun to have fun again, I have decided to resurrect the blog – to share ideas, explore artistic process (many aspects, one process) and to enjoy being part of an online community as well as part of one in “real life”, too!  I will record my process and outcome when time permits.

The 150+ posts that I made during the almost four and a half years I was studying with the OCA will remain – they are a part of my artistic development – warts and all!


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