Life Class, 23rd October

I have resumed life class, this time as a Gasthörerin at Bonn Uni’s Studio für Kunsterziehung, which exists primarily to give the students the chance to relax  / extend their skills through drawing.  There is a 50/50 mix of students and older, non-uni people, like me, who welcome the chance to draw for extended periods.  The class is divided into two sessions – basic and experimental –  with a total of three hours of drawing time.  It is hard work, especially if standing for this time. Each pose was around 20-25 minutes in length, unless otherwise stated.  I still need to focus on hands and feet…

Larger format (between A3 and A2) / pencil (digitally enhanced for clarity of reproduction):


A3/ charcoal:


A3 / Red Conte pencil:


A3/ fine liner – “almost continuous” drawing.


A3/ dark sepia and red conte pencils held together (right) and pencil (left) – head needs to be bigger:


A3 / pencil drawing:


A3 / pencil with charcoal tone:


A3/ 1 minute drawings in pencil (2 pages):



A3/ 1 minute drawing (left) and 10-15 minute pose (right):


I was pleased that, after a break from life drawing, what I had learned about proportions has filtered through and become less conscious and more automatic.  Over the next few weeks, I will try to focus on hands, feet and more accurate depiction of muscle tone.


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