Reflections on Woodgrain

Polishing wooden furniture recently, I decided to photograph the woodgrain because it seemed to suggest abstract landscapes, depending upon how the photograph is composed.

Looking through the photos, I can see inspiring possibilities for integrating the fluency of the grain into future work.  I would particularly like to integrate these into prints or, perhaps, collage but can see possibilities for painting, too.  I have played around with the orientation of each one where they suggested sunsets or reflections, for example.  Reflections, light direction and unevenness of the wood surface all interplay with the light and influence the perceived images.

The last photographs in this set are of the cut edge of a block of oak (an IKEA kitchen work surface).









I particularly like this one because it hints at an imaginary perspective as all of the lines appear to recede from the viewer. I see an ocean, cliffs and clouds and the whole has a wonderful fluency and movement, with blues and lavenders in there amongst the ochres of the wood. I will definitely use this in future work.  




Zooming out offers other possibilities.  Some different parts of this image could be isolated and developed further: 



A woodland character?




A curious sense of multiple perspectives:








Shadow and clouds?




Strangely three-dimensional:




Altering the orientation can change perception and alters the balance of the image: 

Screen Shot 2013 08 11 at 12 26 20

















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