Beginning Painting 1

I have given myself one year to complete this course.  As I understand it, I must complete Level 1 in four years and I have already taken two for Drawing 1.  I am expecting this course to be a little more straightforward having been over the hurdles in Drawing 1.  That said, I will need to complete each project in around ten weeks.  This is easy to say at the end of the summer holidays before school begins but once term starts….

This school year, I have made some changes to better accommodate the OCA schedule into the daily round.  The biggest change is that I have given up being a department head and have become a part-time teacher.  The part-time bit is barely a change in hours but does alter my status, giving me the freedom to leave school whenever my teaching day ends and I have will not have the admin load of the past few years.  In practice, this means that I will have one half-day every two weeks (we have a 10-day schedule) and every other day, I finish at 2.30 pm so, workload permitting (!), I can escape school earlier on some days.  This should allow a bit more painting time and, overall, involve less stress.

We’ll see…here goes! And for extra inspiration, I have moved to a semi-rural location.  Here is a view from my balcony.  I used a fineliner and Ecoline fluid watercolours in an approximately A4 sketchbook.



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