Evening class: Reiseskizzenbuch

I have just begun a new evening class, based in a  local museum.  Each week, the group of about 10 people meets to sketch the area in and around the museum.  This week we sketched the Sperrmüll, which are big piles of domestic items that are too big for the normal rubbish.  Some people make their living by travelling around different areas of German cities, collecting recyclable material from these mounds of discarded material.  Some things are in near-perfect condition and I know people who have found large pieces of furniture, now in their homes, in this way. Each neighbourhood in Germany can dispose of unwanted (non-electrical) items like this every three months. The drawing below was made in the street outside the museum.  It was amusing noting the different reactions of passers-by, not to mention the guy whose house we camped outside for 30 minutes or so who emerged from his house to find sketchers sitting on his doorstep.  Later on, he came out again to look at our drawings and seemed genuinely interested in what we were doing.  The rubbish was fairly mundane – sheets of plywood, boxes and files – but it was still a useful still life…


Although it is technically spring, and we are surrounded by blossom, it is still chilly and we spent the second hour in the museum foyer.  Here is a view across its length.  I included a sketcher for scale and human interest but I could have included a few more milling about.



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