Fabric with Line and Form

These sketches were made some time ago. I threw a fine woollen shawl over the back of a chair and drew it from different vantage points.  I chose the fabric because it is soft and forms folds easily and is also large enough to drape over the chair in different ways.  I altered the position of the fabric and also of the chair.  The drawings were made in fineliner with a diluted purple ink wash for tone. I realise that I am supposed to have used charcoal or soft pencil for these. However, these media also suit the purpose and, as the deadline for Assignment 4 is bearing down on me, these will have to wait for another day.



All four of the sketches were made on a single sheet of A3.  The two sketches on the left in each of the images above work better than those on the right: the lines are more relaxed and seem to better follow the line of the fabric. The tonal areas are also better applied, creating more natural depth to the fabric.  The way in which the first two drawings above were made creates a sense of a conversation just finished, a room recently deserted; with more context, this has the beginnings of a composition.

Here is another sketch of the same subject made with different media on a much shinier paper. The original size of this sketch is about A7. A very dilute pale blue-green ink wash was applied to produce a slightly more matt surface. Water-soluble blue pen was used for the sketch and then a wash was applied. Although it is a bit rough and ready, I like the overall warmth of the ink as well as the tonal and colour changes that were obtained through using the wash and where the inks have run together.



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