Gallery visit: Miroslaw Luma

Yesterday, I caught the tail end of an exhibition of Polish artist, Miroslaw Luma’s work at a small gallery, the agency & aga galerie, in Bonn’s Südstadt.  Only some of the paintings that can been at this link are on display (until 31st October) at the Bonn gallery.  The rest were on display in nearby Siegburg at the beginning of October.  The exhibition were entitled “The Shape”.  This link takes you to the image that was used in the exhibition publicity.  Miroslaw Luma was born in Dzialdowo, Poland in 1964 and studied art in Warsaw at around age 30.  Apart from Germany and his native Poland, he has exhibited in France and Italy but not yet in the UK.  He currently lives in Plock, Poland.  This much I was able to ascertain from his CV (on the agency & aga galerie’s website, or from an article on the exhibition in a Bonn listings magazine.  I have not been able to find an English language website and, according to the gallery, he does not have his own website. I glanced through catalogues of his work yesterday but these cannot be bought… With wider availability of information and images, he would reach – and deserves to reach – a much wider audience.

I am specifically interested in his portraits such as this one, which the agency and aga galerie are selling for 650 euros, sadly outside my price range. This specific image attracts for its use of directional, sculptural marks that almost seem to carve a three dimensional image out of the canvas.  His  portraits, and other work lie somewhere between abstract and figurative.  He creates form and sows seeds of figurative resemblance in his work, which he leaves up to the imagination of the viewer to complete and experience in their own way). 

Here are some other images, which I had permission to photograph and which I selected out of those on show for their use of colour and form. Although there is clear image of a heart in the second painting shown here (and now that I have thought about this, perhaps in the third one, too), they appeal to me overall purely as non-representational images; they do not remind me of any specific thing, event or experience and so my response to them is purely on an emotional level.  





Image 1



Image 2






4 thoughts on “Gallery visit: Miroslaw Luma

  1. Thank you.
    Thank you from my heart for writing about Mirek Luma.

    My name is Andrey Bogoslowsky.
    Mirek and I go back to early 80’s.
    I got him in to painting and it stock to him!
    Ilive and work and exhibit in the USA, and rarely visit
    If you wish to stay in touch
    wws has deleted the email address to protect the privacy of Andrey Bogoslowsky.
    And again
    Thank you for writing about arts.

  2. Dear Glenis,
    I really appreciate your visit at my gallery two years ago. Especially, your review about the Miroslaw Luma exhibition flatters me. Luma is truly an outstanding and gifted artist.
    There will be a small retrospective next month (September 2014) in our gallery in Bonn (now named Galerie Szalc) regarding Miroslaw Luma’s fifty birthday. The opening start on the 26th September 2014 at 7 p.m. .
    I would appreciate a visit of yours. For more information you can visit the website of my gallery .

    Sincerely yours,
    Halina Szalc

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