Ugo Rondinone

My tutor has suggested that I look at Ugo Rondinone’s work for his “dramatic handling of trees/woods and forests in large scale works”.

Ugo Rondinone is a contemporary Swiss artist (born in 1963) who works in mixed media, and with such a broad range of styles and techniques that his work might appear at first sight to be the work of more than one artist. He currently lives and works in New York (1).  The Ingleby Gallery in New York describes Rondinone’s work thus:  “(his work), with its intriguing mix of optimism and melancholia, explores our emotional and psychological responses to the banal and the ordinary in our everyday lives” (1).

At first sight, some of his work, such as the ink and pencil drawings which are named by dates, such as Achtzehnterjulizweitausendundeins (18th Juli 2001), might have been produced in the eighteenth century. This drawing is in MOMA:

Rondinone also produces contemporary installations as well as series of abstract paintings. His work defies easy categorisation, which is, perhaps, the point. He depicts trees both two and three dimensions. Sculptures temporarily installed into Lower Manhattan during 2007, have surreal names such as “air gets into everything even nothing” (2006) and “get up girl a sun is running the world” (2006). Rondinone depicts life-size casts of 2,000 year old olive trees cast outside Naples, where his parents originate. The trees were cast in wax and then in aluminium and depict the relationship between real and artificial environments.

See images at this link:



1. Ingleby Gallery. Ugo Rondinone   Web. 06.05.12


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