More Mark Making

I have returned to Van Gogh’s paintings to examine his range of marks before developing my own landscape drawings. I tend to rely on a certain range of marks with whichI have become comfortable and my tutor has suggested that I need to extend my range.  I imitated many of his marks in an attempt to become freer with colour pencils and develop some of my own.  The sketchbook pages here include copies as well as some of my own:

Mark making after Van Gogh (1).jpg

Mark making after Van Gogh (2)

I have been interested in calligraphy since learning italic writing at school.  I have recently acquired some calligraphic nibs for my dip pens and thought that I would try these out for their mark-making potential.  I have circled marks that I particularly like and will try to incorporate into future work, in pale blue. Some of these would really lend themselves well to landscape drawing, especially a range of marks on the lower right of the page.  I like the marks that have been built up using different dilutions of ink, dark over light, with different degrees of transparency.

Calligraphy pen marks


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