Negative Space – Drawing Plants & Flowers

This drawing exercise required me to focus on the negative spaces within and around a plant.

I bought a Christmas Rose, or Hellebore, for the drawing. After completing it, there seemed to be far too much negative space and so I added a pot of primula, which were conveniently growing on the kitchen windowsill. There is probably still too much space but the composition was improved by the second plant. I have broken a rule of good composition by placing the primula almost tangentially to the larger plant. One leaf of the primula actually overlaps the pot of the hellebore but it is minimal and not clear in the drawing where the two plants lie in spatial relation to each other.

On the positive side, I am quite pleased with the shape of the flowers on the stem and how even small negative spaces help to distinguish the flowers from their background. I have also included two cropped images here, in order to focus on the negative spaces.


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