Using Colour 3…. Pomegranate textures

After the previous drawing, I wondered whether I had taken a short cut with the pomegranate in order to avoid having to spend time on the detail, so I set myself the challenge of drawing the pomegranate on its own. I placed it in a white crescent-shaped dish facing in the opposite direction from the previous drawing. I did this because it presented a more interesting surface with seeds in some places, and the “membrane” that lies beneath the seeds visible in other parts. This also extended the colour range to pale yellows. I drew in the shadows on the dish as a setting for the fruit, and finally added a couple of drops of juice and two pomegranate seeds for a sense of scale, as well as creating more balance in the composition.

I used Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, with final additions in Inktense pencils to create stronger contrasts where I could not create strong enough darks with the other pencils available.

The process is documented in the slide show below. I have included some close-up shots to show the different textures in more detail.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reflection: The seeds are perhaps more abstract than realistic… but I am pleased with the colours and textures which convey a rhythm in the face of the pomegranate. The colours are more vibrant than on the cooler surface and I think that I have been successful in differentiating the inner and outer textures. The outer surface appears cooler and rougher, especially in close-up. The inner, more intense and “juicier”. One challenge was differentiating the protruding seeds from the pits in the surface that extracted seeds had left behind. I used blue pencil to show the shadows in the pits, which lay near the top of each pit but both underneath the seeds and at the top of some of them where they hung over each other. The drops of juice and the seeds were an afterthought because the fruit alone appeared rather sterile and the drawing was unbalanced. Their addition has created a more balanced composition. I tried to depict the dish using blue / mauve shadows alone, without employing firm outlines, and have managed this fairly well.

However. the drawing is unfinished. I cannot at the moment decide what to do next. There is a small amount of yellow in the open face of the fruit and I thought of using this as a background but it seems too much. I could print some thumbnail copies of the drawing and try some different possibilities to get an idea of how to finish it off….


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