Tone and depth in still life

This exercise extends the work begun in the first part of the course. The post extends over four pages due to difficulties with formatting.

I had already attempted fir cones and, while further practice wouldn’t hurt, I wanted to draw something that I had not tried before. A trip to the supermarket produced a seasonal bagload of pumpkins and squashes, which I planned to use in a still life group. To prepare for this, I drew a single small knobbly squash on its own. The lumps and bumps are irregularly arranged and reminiscent of sweet corn kernels. As you look at the squash. the lumps appear largest on the side which is closest to the viewer and flatter and closer together on the upper surface, in rather the same way that clouds appear on a horizon. This is also the case on the lower surface, but the bumps here are partly in shadow and less visible.

Tonal drawing in pencil of a yellow gourd

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