Observing negative space and perspective

I began this exercise by attempting to draw the outlines of several objects (a glass, a candle, a bowl and a jug) by looking only at the objects as their outlines appeared above the edge of a table. I attempted this several times. I then drew the edges of the objects where they met the table, creating the finished outlines (positive space) against the background of the table and window (the negative space). After this, a finished drawing was made, to which tone was added to produce a 3-dimensional image.

The process is illustrated in the slideshow that follows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Several adjustments were needed in the final drawing. The table level between the objects was checked and brought up in the final drawing so that the objects didn’t look as if they were falling off the back! They were actually fairly close to the edge of the table and another time, I will make sure that they are positioned more centrally on a surface, depending on the effect that is intended. There were two light sources, from behind and to the left, which complicates the cast shadows.

The handle on the jug is further down than originally perceived and does itself cast a shadow on the jug immediately above the joining places. The neck of the jug is slightly too narrow – it should be up to half as wide again. The width of the base and the height are correct. The width is about the same as the diameter of the bowl. The jug has a matt, painted surface but shiny metal interio. I have hinted at the surface pattern but not drawn it in detail.

The glass is an Ikea candle glass with white painted stripes. I have drawn the white stripes as solid lines in order to distinguish them from highlights on and through the glass.

The bowl is slightly lopsided and, although I tried to adjust this, it is still not entirely symmetrical. The bowl has an embossed design – again, only hinted at. This bowl is a favourite object and also appears in two of the drawings in the post on Using Textures.


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