Project: Reflected Light

Exercise: study of light reflected from one object to another.
I suppose that I did this in the Tone & Form project – getting ahead of myself. However, I also drew two images of the mocha espresso pot that I used daily on my recent vacation in Padua. The image at the top was drawn with an HB pencil. The lower one is a considerably looser modified contour drawing. Both show shadow and light but in very different ways. The one at the top took almost two hours. The modified contour drawing took a few minutes!

As I mentioned in the notes on Tone & Form, it is easier to distinguish reflected light when you know where it will fall on an object, i.e. facing away from a light source. A difficulty in drawing shadow is in showing subtle changes in tone rather than showing clear edges where light changes to dark suddenly. Subtle changes take time and require small, small marks. The octagonal shape of this pot made it easier to distinguish differences in tone; however, even on a single plane, there could be variations due to reflection of neighbouring objects. The edges between the planes often reflected the light and were drawn by omitting shadow, rather than as hard pencil edges. The effect is softer. I am pleased with the result.


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