Exercise: Supermarket Shop

I decided to record the drawing process for this exercise as a series of stills. I originally tried putting them together using imovie but this was not very effective for the stated purpose as it zooms in and out of shots rather than showing the drawing developing using a series of overlays. I then put them together as a Keynote presentation which worked better but the images are inconsistent – scanned images would be much better. However, it does the job of illustrating the process!  Also, it was so much easier to upload than a sequence of thumbnails that I will probably do this next time, too!

The process: I drew the outline in pencil. Writing labels was a challenge: boxes require writing at an angle to the horizontal; on tins & jars, text must curve, not necessarily in parallel with the top and base. The degree of curvature depends on whether the jars at are at eye level, or above or below. The text must also fit! Labels in the finished drawing are not always accurately drawn – proportions of text in relation to the object on which the text appears was difficult to judge.

When adding colour, objects with more colour / darker tones affect the quality of light reflecting off neighbouring objects, e.g. both red and blue are visible in the marmalade jar.  The finished image is light overall in tone.  I used Derwent’s Inktense pencils but without adding brushwork as I had already begun another drawing on the other side of the paper and didn’t want to risk the colour passing through!

Another time, I would consider setting the objects in different surroundings. This drawing focuses on the objects themselves and they are not seen in relation to an exterior setting.

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