Reflection: Line & other marks

Surfaces used:

  • water colour paper 300 gsm (cut into squares and stuck in sketchbook; both sides of paper used)
  • sketchbook paper 140 gsm
  • gold tissue paper – both sides; one repels water soluble media
  • aluminium foil – marks can be made by indenting the surface with e.g. bamboo pen, engraving tool or ink pen; surface resists ink but indian ink will sit on the surface and in grooves if enough is applied.

Media used:

  • ink – applied with bamboo pen, feather (quill & filaments), cut corner and edge of old credit card, dropper from ink bottle, (old) toothbrush, ends of a tangerine stalk.
  • oil pastel – brighter effect achieved with watercolour paper because pastel sits on the surface and not in the grooves unless densely applied.
What I particularly liked: the effect of drawing with an engraving tool (or tools of different widths could be applied or overlaid) with colour applied to the surface.  Colour applied in this way need not heed the boundaries of figures and could “bleed” into the negative space.
Sketch book pages documenting this exercise using the listed surfaces and media are shown below:

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